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The best Social Referral Platforms, or Enterprise level Refer-a-Friend programs get your customers to share offers with their friends, find the referral strategy that works best for your company, and, optimize your referrals based on data to get more sales.  Leading providers in this space can generate 10%-25% lift in sales for your business within weeks of signing - and this sales lift is 100% driven by new customers.

The best players in this space can provide a real-time dashboard to analyze performance, support multiple channels (email and Facebook), support desktop and mobile seamlessly, can eliminate fraud, and provide a host of solutions including, but not limited to;

  • Post Checkout Referrals
  • Signup / Registration Referrals
  • Campaign-based Referrals (4th of July Friends bonus!)

The best vendors in this channel provide full-service creative, technology, and ongoing optimization.  There is not yet a self-serve solution that can be as powerful because it's difficult to find / hire employees with the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful.  In late 2015 and beyond, this channel should migrate towards self-serve offerings and having dedicated in-house employees.

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