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The hottest ad tech in 2014, this is a must-demo solution.

Customer Acquisition Manager Pain Points:

  • 90%-99% Of Marketing Spend Is Completely Worthless because traffic bounces before a relationship can be established
  • 70%-96% of the visitors abandoning websites will NEVER RETURN
  • Email is a phenomenal profit driver, however most websites capture less than 1 in 400 emails from visitors (who have not purchased)
  • Up to 85% of shoppers who add to cart DO NOT BUY ANYTHING

Turn abandoning website visitors into customers through an automated retention marketing program will completely revolutionize your customer acquisition efforts.  There are now self serve and full service shops that focus on this effort with game-changing results.  You can increase your email capture / signup rates, product listing page add-to-cart rates, and purchase conversion rates by as much as 10x with some no-brainer optimization built on extremely advanced software.  Think of this as "Amazon-izing" your website and retention marketing programs.

Brands like PacSun, Elle, Cosmopolitan, TOMS Shoes, Diamond Candles, Blue and Cream, USA Today, Betfair, Duncraft, Poppin, and Tradesy use these services to increase their conversion rates and decrease their customer acquisition costs to drastically scale their growth.

The best vendors in this channel provide full-service creative and technology to optimize the content and user experience of your website in order to increase conversions.  

With them, you simply drop 3 lines of code on your site to integrate.  They use advanced behavioral targeting combined with a variety of high-quality, well designed site experiences (light boxes, modals, annotations, persistent bars, cart abandonment, session recap, etc.) to shape your traffic to take the best desired action that leads to the highest likelihood of conversion.  

They should have full service creative & optimization teams so you never need to use your internal design & dev teams to update signup light-boxes, landing pages, A/B test etc.

Basically, they instantly become a customer acquisition manager's best friend & most valuable resource.  There is not yet a self-serve solution that can be as powerful as the full service providers because it's difficult to find / hire employees with the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful.  In late 2015 and beyond, this channel should migrate towards self-serve offerings and having dedicated in-house employees.


Send automated emails to registered customers based on their browsing behavior which feature key / new products, along with a summary of their last session.  This serves as a great reminded to customers which increases their likelihood to transact.


How Does "Exit-Intent” Technology Work?

  • Mouse Gestures:
    Software tracks all the cursor movements of every visitor in real-time.
  • Breaking The Browser Plane:
    They detect the precise millisecond that a visitor abandons your site.
  • Cleanly Overlays Your Site Upon Abandonment:
    An elegant lightbox appears after a visitor leaves your site.
  • Creates New “Real Estate”:
    This technology is essentially granting you an extra page-view to retain that visitor

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