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How to get more followers

Use the below yourself or work with us to execute it.

The Story

Successful, growing Social Media presence management (apart from the customer service uses) takes two core areas of focus to be successful; 

1.) Content - develop compelling, engaging content that elicits responses from your target consumer and properly represents the brand. 

2.) Proactive Outreach - finding ways to identify your target customer in the channel (hash tags, people they follow, checkin locations, etc), then engaging with their content on the brands behalf (liking, commenting, following, direct promotion requests etc. - the engagement strategy differs per channel)

Most companies only focus on #1 and wonder why they aren’t growing "virally."  The only way you can really grow your presence on channels like Instagram, Polyvore, and Pinterest is by executing #2 effectively.

We couldn't find a single agency in the world that provided the Targeted Proactive Outreach service, so we designed a strategy and are now working with dozens of brands to growth their audiences.

The Solution

Growth Advisors will grow any Brand's Followers, Likes, and Views on Polyvore or Instagram through organic outreach and engagement.

Social Media Profile Review:
The Brand's profile will be reviewed to understand past performance and future growth potential.

Defining your custom Target Audience:

The Brand and Growth Advisors will collaborate to establish a Target Audience that has a high propensity to transact with the Brand. Target Audience includes, but is not limited to demographics, geographics, psychographic personas, level of affluence, leisure activities, professional activities, spending habits, product preferences, brand / style preferences, media / (TV/blog) consumption, and influencers. Growth Advisors will translate the above into channel-specific audience targeting attributes to be used for all proactive outreach and engagement. Growth Advisors will share this "Translated" strategy with the Brand.

Recent-Content Curation & Brand Voice Analysis:
The Brand and Growth Advisors will collaborate to establish a style/voice for the brand's content that will be published to the network. In order to yield a high rate of reciprocity for the outreach activities, the Brand's profile must contain content that is aligned with the Target Audience's interests. If the profile does not contain content matching the aforementioned, Growth Advisors will create new content, send to the Brand for approval, then publish the content to the profile if approved. Through the relationship, as current trends change, Growth Advisors will proactively submit content to the Brand that should be published to the profile.

Outreach and Engagement (The bulk of the ongoing work to be done by Growth Advisors):
Growth Advisors uses a combination of Likes, Comments, and Follows at high-scale, on the content produced by people in the Target Audience. These people will get notifications that the “Brand” has engaged with them, and they are highly likely to return the favor of Following, Commenting, Liking, and using the Brand's products in sets that they then create.

This process of eliciting reciprocal reactions from the Target Audience is what fuels the growth of the profile and equity that the Brand has in Polyvore - which leads to immediate, mid and long-term transactional clicks driven to the Brand's website. Growth Advisors engages with content from 30-500 people in the Target Audience per day.

Growth Advisors will send a list of recommended comments that will be used on the content of people in the Target Audience. i.e. "So [chic], I love it!" "You have amazing style" "Incredible outfit!" "OMG, I want!" "Beautiful set, it would be great for [activity]!" "[Vintage Accessories] are so IN right now! Amazing outfit!" "To die for" "Amazing" "This is perfect!" The Brand must provide direction on the approved phrases, and allow Growth Advisors some creative license so that the same comments are not made too repetitively.

New profiles should be able to add 50-150 followers per week, ~100-200 likes per Set and tens of thousands of product, set, and profile views.

Getting Started

To explore working with Growth Advisors on growing your social media account, simple contact us at