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One of the fastest growing economies should be your new revenue stream.

Social Gaming, Retail, eCommerce, Travel, Real Estate, you name it, and there are companies making massive revenues (and profits) by entering the Chinese market.

The trouble is that;

1.) Most business people there do not speak English or other Western languages

2.) It's really challenging to navigate the publisher landscape of where to buy media

3.) It's even harder to monetize and get your revenues out of the country

So...not to mention it's on the other side of the planet, and not sure about you - but our significant others and children prefer us when we actually get sleep through the night.

Well as always, problem; solved at

We've found a boutique shop created by former executives from Baidu and Yahoo that's based in San Francisco and Beijing address this exact niche.

They strategize and operationalize ad campaigns and media buys for Western ad agencies, ad networks,  direct advertisers, and mobile game & app developers across the full publisher landscape in China, to penetrate the massive, rapidly growing market for Western products and services.

This is the first time that direct ad campaigns and media buys are being enabled from the West into China, across all primary publishers, and across all ad solutions (SEM, Display, RTB/Programmatic, Rich, Mobile, Social, Mobile Apps).  

The Chinese market is like a rocket ship, with its own unique characteristics, industry dynamics, growing pains, and opportunities.  They will simplify, enable, and optimize it for you.

To learn more about taking growing your business in China and to be introduced to the #1 vendor in the space, please email