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Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value With 1:1 Campaigns

One of the hottest waves of marketing techonology today is 1:1 Automated Retention Marketing.  The best self-serve retention automation platforms are powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology; software that personalizes every campaign, to maximize revenues and customer lifetime value.


  • House all of your customer data and allow you to segment, sort, and filter by any behavioral attribute
  • Run their own proprietary model through your data to automatically segment your users based on similar behavior, showing you who is likely to churn, likely to become a VIP, and more.
  • Allow you to run retention programs from within their platform, controlling marketing messages in; Email, Call Center, Push Notifications, In-app Notifications, Onsite Content, Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Run test & control groups to measure true lift
  • Scheduling / Architecting of retention marketing programs to run automatically

Automated Customer Retention

Customer Churn Prediction & Prevention

Cohort Analysis

Customer Behavior Modeling

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Micro-segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Customer Value Maximization

Deep Customer Analytics

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Marketing Action Optimization

Next Best Action Marketing

Predictive Behavior Modeling

Resources for Retention Marketers

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